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September 18, 2018 07:00 ET | Source: NobelClad

BOULDER, Colo., Sept. 18, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- NobelClad, the global leader in explosion welding, has entered into an exclusive partnership with Spur Industries, Inc. The agreement positions NobelClad as the sole and exclusive global distributor of Spur’s roll bonded metal products.

Spur’s expertise in roll bonding dissimilar metals provides NobelClad with a broader range of clad metal solutions to apply to customer applications. In turn, Spur will leverage NobelClad’s global sales, marketing and distribution resources, as well as its technical expertise, to expand within current industrial markets and pursue new applications and international opportunities.

Spur Industries and NobelClad have a long history of providing superior products to the aluminum smelting industry. “Our partnership with Spur will enable us to provide additional design flexibility when solving our aluminum customers’ most difficult metal bonding challenges,” said John Scheatzle, NobelClad president.

Scheatzle added, “Spur and NobelClad both are recognized in the aluminum industry as reliable, high-quality producers of electrical transition joint inserts. We expect our respective product lines will be highly complementary, and each will continue to address a unique niche in the market.”

Eric Gamache, Spur president and CEO, said, “A commitment to high product quality and customer service is a critical, common focus for both companies. The establishment of this relationship represents the achievement of an important, mutual goal. As we worked with NobelClad’s leadership team to create this partnership, it was encouraging to see the strong mutual respect and common vision for our customers and employees.”

“We look forward to a long relationship with Spur,” said Edgar Vidal, NobelClad’s global director of business development. “We will work closely to expand the application and adoption of clad materials in a variety of industries. This partnership allows us to broaden the use of dissimilar metals into applications that were either impossible, impractical or inefficient with other joining techniques such as fasteners or traditional welding.”

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