Thermal Management

Thermal management with clad metals

Increase heat spreading and not thermal resistance

Traditionally, engineers have to choose aluminum or copper for thermal management devices such as heatsinks and coldplates. The problem is that although copper may be required for certain cooling solutions to work, copper is heavy and expensive. To utilize aluminum with copper, complex systems of thermal interface materials in conjunction with mechanical attachment is the only viable option. These methods increase thermal resistances and create galvanic corrosion issues.

Clad materials from Spur provide the best of both worlds, the heat spreading of copper with the lightweight and low cost of aluminum. Best of all, the clad is based upon atomic level electron sharing and the bond provides no thermal resistance over the base materials. Spur's patent pending partial clad technology also allows aluminum or copper to be placed just where it needs to be.

Spur specializes in copper to aluminum bonded metals. 110(ETP) copper is the standard for spreading, but we also can use 101 and 102 oxygen free high conductivity (OFHC) for your demanding applications. Pure aluminum 1050 is optimal for heat transfer, and 6061 and 6063 is available for parts that require machining.

Application Concepts

Machined Heatsink

clad metal heatsink

Clad material from Spur can be machined into heat sinks. Fins can be machined across the high strength metallurgical bond between the aluminum and copper. The bond also has no increase of thermal resistance over the base materials which means traditional machined heatsinks get the performance gains of copper and aluminum without having to use bonded or inserted fins.

Advanced Heatsinks

clad skived metal heatsink

Metallurgically bonded copper and aluminum plates can be used to make high aspect ratio heatsinks. Skived, bonded and inserted fins get the benefit of copper for spreading heat and joining like metals provides less risk of corrosion.

Liquid Cooling Coldplate

clad metal heatsink

A copper base plate with a bonded aluminum outer wall simplifies joining aluminum caps. The net result is high thermal performance without galvanic corrosion.

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