Bus Bars and Transitions

copper clad bus bar

Save Weight & Cost without Corrosion

The electrical conductivity of aluminum is 60% of copper, but aluminum is only 30% the weight. Furthermore, aluminum can cost less than half of copper. Put that all together and there are many power distribution applications that aluminum is the optimal material. Due to galvanic corrosion issues of putting copper and aluminum in direct contact, traditional electrical distribution systems are usually just one material. Plating, tinning and pastes are used to minimize galvanic corrosion where aluminum and copper are required to be in contact.

Clad metals provide a better way to use both aluminum and copper is the same power system. Metallurgical bonds are the direct sharing of electrons between two metals and roll bonding creates the most uniform bond. Bond uniformity ensures no electrolytes can penetrate the bond and start the galvanic corrosion process. This means that bus bars can have thin copper outer contact surfaces and aluminum cores, and be utilized in the same way of standard copper bus bars. It also enables partial-clad transitions to be used to transition from one type of bus to another. Clad metals from Spur, enable power distribution systems to be lower weight and lower cost.

Joining Applications

  • High current industrial distribution
  • Battery busing in electric vehicles
  • Switchboards
  • Formed bus bars in computer systems
  • Weight sensitive applications

Spur has the ability to clad multiple grades of copper, such as ETP (110) and OFHC (101 & 102) to aluminum. Standard designs utilize high conductivity 1050 aluminum, but other grades can be used.


aluminum to copper bus
overlay copper clad
partial clad metal
inlay clad metal

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