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Enhanced aluminum alloys

7075 dissimilar metal cladding

Enhance aluminum alloy properties for new applications

Alloy aluminums are optimized for high strength to weight ratios. Their alloy elements increase strength, but also create application challenges with respect to corrosion and fatigue. In addition, all aluminum is not very good at resisting wear.

Spur is able to direct bond alloy aluminum to materials that supplement the strength and lightness of aluminum and make a clad material that is ideal for a particular application. For instance, nickel or titanium may be roll bonded to an alloy aluminum to produce a strong and very corrosion resistant material. Abrasion resistant steels can be directly bonded with alloy aluminum to create lightweight armor and impact absorbing panels.

Only Spur can directly bond alloy aluminums without the use of a low strength aluminum interlayer.


7075 aluminum to steel clad
aluminum clad shaft assembly
Shaft Assembly
machined bimetal weld stud
Weld stud


corrosion resistant clad aluminum

High strength aluminum alloys have excellent strength to weight ratios, but less than ideal corrosion resistance. Spur is able to bond one or more thin layers of highly corrosion resistant metals to high strength aluminum alloys resulting in a permanently bonded metal that can be used in medical, food processing and transportation industries.

  • Titanium
  • Nickel

  • Inconel
  • Stainless

corrosion resistant clad aluminum

Aluminum has poor wear characteristics. Cladding alloy aluminums provides the ability to make it suited for wear resistant applications, such as industrial and transportation industries.

  • AR400 & AR500 - Wear resistant bars and components
  • Brass - aluminum bearings with brass wear surfaces

Strength & Impact
corrosion resistant clad aluminum

Alloy aluminums have very good strength, but may be permanently combined with other materials for even more strength, impact resistance and fatigue resistance. By being able to place thin layers of specialized metal away from the neutral axis of the material, small amounts of heavier material can have dramatic overall benefits.

  • High Carbon Steel - >700MPa
  • A517 - optimized for military applications


  • Maximum thickness and width is dependent upon material being rolled -- contact Spur for details
  • The bond strength will typically exceed that of the rolled aluminum strength
  • Optional high temperature Cr interlayer available with most combinations
  • Minimum layer thickness is typically 0.040 inches
  • Waterjet
  • Bending
  • Machining