Pipe & Tube

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Create the perfect connection for your application.

There are many applications that require transitioning from one pipe material type to another. For example, high conductivity aluminum and copper are required for maximizing heat transfer in HVAC and heat exchangers. Although great for heat transfer rates, aluminum and copper pipe are not always optimal for transporting fluid. Higher strength and resilient materials, such steel and stainless, are often better choices for fluid transport. The challenge in using different materials in the same application is joining dissimilar metals. Glues, gaskets and pastes do not always create proper seals and may still result in galvanic corrosion issues. BiMetal pipe transitions from Spur provide high performance and reliability without galvanic corrosion.

The uniform bond of Spur's rolling process creates Bi-Metal transitions that can withstand welding temperatures and be used in hermetic applications. For decades, customers have trusted Spur in their most demanding piping applications.

Pipe & Tube Applications

  • HVAC condensing units
  • Medical systems
  • Beverage and food
  • Industrial

The most common metal combinations are both steel and 304L stainless to 3003 aluminum.


aluminum to steel pipe coupler
Machined Coupler
aluminum to stainless flanged clad
Custom Flanged
machined bimetal clad ring
Machined Ring
pipe joint with welded clad
bolted bimetal flanged coupler
waterjet ring for welding aluminum to steel
WaterJet Ring

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