Industry Applications

transition inserts for aluminum smelting

Aluminum Smelting

Long life transition inserts

The connections between aluminum buss systems and the steel anodes and cathodes used in aluminum and magnesium reduction cells are system critical contact points. Spur DMI Transition Inserts provide the robustness and reliability you need for these critical components. Our transition inserts utilize a proprietary alloy and bonding process to achieve a 500+ degrees C temperature rating that also facilitates field welding and minimizes weld cracking which will reduce your plant maintenance costs over the long run.

cobonded metals in transportation

Power Generation and Distribution

Reduced corrosion of conductive components

Cost, weight, and other considerations may mandate that electrical power generation and distribution systems utilize connection points between dissimilar metals. Spur ECI Connectors provide a cost effective solution to the problem of oxidation and degradation of conductivity when dissimilar conductors are directly and mechanically connected. The dissimilar metal interface on our roll bonded ECI Connectors simply does not oxidize or degrade. Your connection points will be like metal to like metal and our interface will continue to perform for the long term.

Trailer Manufacturing and Transportation Industries

Weight and corrosion reductions

The need to join dissimilar metals is a common occurrence in manufacturing transportation equipment. High fuel prices are driving the push for lighter transportation equipment. Harsh road chemicals and wet environments create concerns about galvanic corrosion. Frame bodies may need to be electrically electrically conductive to maintain the integrity of the vehicle’s electrical systems.

dissimilar metals bonded for refrigeration

Heating and Cooling System Manufacturers

Low permeability bonding

When you need to blend the advantages of different metals in your heating and cooling systems, you can rely on Spur DMI and WRI products to provide permanent and robust connections between the dissimilar metals. Spur offers complete fastener solutions for use in heat exchangers and refrigeration units where harsh environmental conditions or installed weight limitations mandate innovative product designs.

dissimilar metals in marine applications


Corrosion resistant connections

Joining dissimilar metals is a necessary element of modern shipbuilding. In a salt water environment, concerns about galvanic corrosion, weight, and electrical conductivity play important roles in the design process.

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