Laminated Metals. Bi-Metal. Metallurgical Bonding... it can be called many things and Spur has been a leader for over 40 years. Through our unique roll bonding process, we create high strength transition products for joining metals that cannot be traditionally welded together. From custom requirements to standard materials machined to your specifications, you can trust the Spur team to deliver.

Bonded Metal Combinations


bimetal bonding of metals

Spur's roll bonding process provides the most uniform and strongest connection between dissimilar metals.


multiple clad layers

We bond two or more metals together to enable the optimal laminated metal combination for your application.


partial clad bi-metal transitions

Only Spur can put metal just where you need it, with both overlay and inlay combinations.

What is a metallurgical bond?

roll bonded clad at 180x
Bond layer magnified to 180x

A metallurgical bond is the sharing of electrons between atoms of different metals. Formed by heat and pressure, the bond is stronger than the weaker of the two materials . The physics is similar to that of explosion and diffusion bonding, with roll bonding having the advantage in many product applications. Spur's bond is capable of:

  • Sealing in hermetic and vacuum applications
  • Withstanding higher temperatures than other Bi-Clads
  • Utilizing an interlayer for increased temperature resistance
  • Direct bonds of many alloys without an interlayer

Advantages of Clad Bonded Metals

Roll bonding provides the unique ability to have two or more independent materials become one. Unlike gluing or welding, clad metals have a complete metallurgical bond that results in high strength, low electrical resistance and part fabrication flexibility. From structural transition inserts for pipe and tube applications to lower weight assemblies in the transportation industry, Spur can deliver you the ideal clad metal for your application.

Electrical Conductivity

Connect aluminum and copper to reduce weight and cost of electrical bus systems.

Galvanic Corrosion

Roll bonding provides a very uniform atomic bond and no place for electrolytes to start the galvanic process.

Weight Savings

Incorporate strength where it is needed and use lighter weight materials in other areas.

High Quality and Short Lead-times

You can count on Spur for clad materials and custom manufactured products

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