DMIDissimilar Metals Interface

Permanently connect dissimilar metals with Spur DMI Transition Inserts

When you can’t use a traditional welding process to connect dissimilar metals, rely on Spur DMI Transition Inserts to solve your connector problem. We provide a roll bonded interface between the dissimilar metals that is capable of withstanding the stresses of your application. The Spur bond is typically stronger than the weaker of the two metals and is rated for extreme environments. Our aluminum/steel interface performs in environments where temperatures reach 500⁰ C.

Our Bonds Last.

GIIGalvanic Inhibitor Interface

Inhibit galvanic corrosion with Spur GCI Couplers and Connectors

Are you concerned about galvanic corrosion when you couple or connect systems with dissimilar metals? Spur GCI Couplers and Connectors address this concern. The molecular bond created in our roll bonding process minimizes the electrical potential between the dissimilar metals and substantially eliminates the concern over galvanic corrosion. With our GCI products, you can rest easy that the interface will hold up for the long run in the harshest environments. Our GCI products eliminate the need for dielectric coupler assemblies and the included isolation gaskets that are inherently less robust than the metals being joined.

We interface with your toughest material connection problems.

ECIElectrical Connector Interface

Eliminate electrical bond degradation of dissimilar metal connections with Spur ECI Couplers

The transition point between electrical distribution systems with dissimilar metals is subject to oxidation and degradation of conductivity over time. Spur ECI Couplers eliminate this concern. The roll bonded interface between the dissimilar metals simply does not oxidize or degrade. With our ECI Couplers the connection points are like metal to like metal and our bonded interface provides the permanent coupling that assures degradation free conductivity for the life of the system.

You will stay connected with Spur.

WRIWeight Reduction Interface

Reduce your system weight load using Spur WRI Connectors

Cost effective product design often requires a balancing of the strength and weight elements of the system being designed. With Spur WRI Connectors, your product design team can incorporate strength where it is needed, use lighter weight components where possible, and still be assured that the connections between components will be permanent and robust. The roll bonded interface of our WRI products is typically as strong as or stronger than the weaker of the metals being joined. Added benefits include effective resistance to galvanic corrosion, degradation free electrical conductivity, and a proven ability to perform in harsh environmental conditions.

Lose a few pounds with our steel to aluminum transition inserts.

Our Capabilities

Our inserts cover aluminum, copper, steel, stainless steel, and titanium.


Combining Chemical or Physical attributes, Electrical Conductor Interface, Structural/Fasteners.

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