To assure that the products we deliver meet our customer’s expectations, we carefully control our manufacturing processes and verify that the controls are operating through a rigorous testing program. For bonded materials, we utilize a 90⁰ bend test at the bond interface. This is a proven indicator of the bond strength. This test is conducted at intervals to document the quality of the bond over the entire length of the production unit.

We maintain a small test facility capable of tensile, shear, and heat testing of our materials. We also offer ultrasonic inspection, vacuum leak testing, high power microscopy, scanning electron microscopy, and conductivity testing to meet customer requirements on request and for our product research and development efforts. We also track chemical and metallurgical certifications and certificates of origin on our raw materials.

We thrive on providing solutions for our customer’s unique metal interface issues. If you have a metal interface problem, we are happy to assist you in evaluating viable solutions.

Our Capabilities

Our inserts cover aluminum, copper, steel, stainless steel, and titanium.


Combining Chemical or Physical attributes, Electrical Conductor Interface, Structural/Fasteners.

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